Have you ever dreamed of owning your own salon?
Having your own salon has never been easier

Triple S Studio Salon Suite’s offers an exclusive collection of independently operated salon studios for the established beauty professional. Having your own salon has never been easier for the beauty professional.  Let us help you make it happen!

Triple S Studio Salon Suite’s has removed the initial upfront costs and financial commitment that would normally accompany the prospect of going into business for yourself. Whether you are an established cosmetologist, nail technician or aesthetician, making the move from a commissioned employee or booth rental situation to an independent business owner can be a smooth transition with Triple S Studio Salon Suite’s. Our studios come in a variety of sizes and floor plans to suite your individual needs. Spaces are typically fully furnished with the major salon equipment you will need. If you have built your clientele, you’ve already done the hard part! Let us help you with the other ingredients you will need to be in business for yourself.

  • Modern & updated studios
  • Variety of sizes & floor plans
  • Fully furnished with salon equipment
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Subleasing available
  • Repairs/Maintenance Included
  • Independent control of your business
  • Keep 100% of retailing profit
Suite & Site Amenities at Triple-S Studio Salon Suites:
  • Enclosed ceiling for added privacy and noise reduction
  • Fully lockable suites
  • access to building
  • Plenty of parking for you and your clients
  • Secure, well-lit property
  • Designated front waiting area for clients
  • Complimentary Wi Fi
  • Complimentary laundry
  • Utilities included
  • Separate break-room

With an upscale salon suite—complete with styling equipment you need to operate—there’s no reason to wait any longer to start building your business the way you have always envisioned. Triple-S studio salon suite is an investment in you, your skill, and your passion. Contact us for more information about our salon suites in OTTAWA and to take the next step toward reaching your full potential as an independent beauty professional!

Floor Plan Information for Triple-S Studio Salon Suites 

Finding the right home for your business is a delicate process. Not only does it have to be a functional, accessible space for you to work in, but it also needs to feel like you. When we developed our floor plan at Triple-S Studio Salon Suites, this is the criteria we had in mind.

Whatever your vision is for your salon, we have a suite to help you make it happen.

Looking for a spacious single suite you can have all to yourself? Or would you rather share a salon suite with a fellow beauty professional, with the added bonus of cutting your capital in half? We purposely created oversized suites with sharing in mind. Or maybe, you’re envisioning a larger scale operation and need that deluxe single suite space? At Triple-S Salon Studio Suites, we have the refined space you need to accommodate any plans for your growing business.

Our Studio Salon Suites are available in a variety of different designs, so entrepreneurs can choose the features that best suit their needs.

Choose from a number of, furnished single and double suites located in different areas throughout. All suites are available in a variety of sizes, with or without windows, and all with plenty of retail space for you to build your brand. Our suites are large enough for your next client to wait in, if they prefer this to the comfortable auxiliary waiting area. We also offer several double suites, which can accommodate two stylists and their clients comfortably—the perfect solution for up and coming beauty professionals in looking for a cost-efficient way to establish your independent business.

All salon owners have 24/7 access to the building (if required), giving you more flexibility access and the larger suite footprint, sharing is made easier. Two professionals can easily share a single salon suite or three or four professionals can share a double salon suite.