Tips For Success When You Have A Studio Salon Rental

Are you interested in being your own boss, creating your own schedule, choosing the pricing for your services, and selecting the products you want to sell? These are just a few of the many benefits of being an independent beauty professional. While renting a salon booth or working for a salon company can be a great start and a way to rack up some experience, there’s nothing quite like being your own boss and expressing your own creativity, all while making a living.

Tips For Success When Renting Studio Salon Space

Hairstylists, make-up artists, nail technicians, and other beauty professionals that want to strike out on their own will need a space to work within, and suite salon rentals are the perfect solution. When launching an independent career, while it’s certainly an exciting adventure to embark on, you should make sure to plan ahead before taking the leap. In this post, we’ll share some helpful tips for success for beauty professionals interested in renting a salon space.

Have the right mindset

It doesn’t matter what career path you are following, success begins with having the right mindset and attitude about everything. Without the drive to succeed, beauty professionals will not find much success in an independent career. Running a business comes with a lot of challenges, and in order to more resilient against said challenges, it is important to establish a strong mindset!

Develop an established list of clients

Before you make the move and fly solo, you should have a well-established list of clients. Running your own business is a lot of work and you should have no less than 50 clients, and that is on the low-end. If you are serious about doing your professional full-time, it should be your goal to have over 200 clients before you rent your own space. While this may seem high, each and every client will not always need your services, so the more you have the more you’ll stay booked! If it’s your dream to own your own salon business, keep building that list of clients. Use your social media following and establish a strong Instagram presence, too.

Think about your pricing

When you rent a studio salon, you’re going to have expenses — which we will get to below — that you will need to cover. With higher expenses, it may be tempting to charge clients, even the loyal ones, more money in your new space, but this could potentially turn clients away and wreck what you are trying to build up. In time, you can consider upping your fees, but doing so right off the bat can have some consequences. There are other ways to make money to cover expenses, though. Consider retail products for example, you get to choose which products you sell and at what price point all while keeping the profits!

Figure out your expenses

Your weekly/monthly rent and inventory are the two largest expenses you will have to deal with, but there are others that should not be overlooked, such as the cost of insurance, furniture, equipment, and salon décor, to name a few. Calculate your expenses early on and make sure you can handle all of the costs even if business gets off to a slow start.

Consider what products you’ll sell

As mentioned, when you become your own boss, you’ll get to choose your favorite products and find a product line that represents you and your studio. Rather than shopping through a beauty supply store, consider working directly with a trusted product line. This way, you’ll always be informed about new products, specials, and educational opportunities. Again, you’ll want to choose products that you’d use and would recommend to your clients as you will be retaining the profits from each product sold. 

Beauty Professionals That Can Benefit From A Studio Suite Rental

The beauty industry is ever-changing, and today, more and more established beauty professionals are making the move to become independent business owners. Running your own business in the beauty industry can be incredibly rewarding, but it does come with its share of challenges. One challenge, in particular, is finding a space to work within. Sure, many independent beauty professionals choose to work out of their own home, but a professional space can really influence the experience their clientele will have. Fortunately, suite rentals are available not only for hair stylists, but for beauty professionals of all kinds!

At Triple S Studios suites, we have a variety of studio suite rentals are available, while our studio salons for lease are great for independent hair stylists, they also can be great for other independent beauty professionals!


Skin care is a huge business and it is growing quickly. Estheticians have the opportunity to break into this growing industry by renting a studio suite. Our studio suites are the perfect space for giving clients facials, removing unwanted hair, performing microdermabrasion, and selling skin care products

Nail Technicians

When first starting out, many nail technicians work for someone else either as an hourly employee or on commission. However, when they feel confident to do it on their own, a studio suite rental is a great way to get started as an independent nail tech. Clients appreciates the one-on-one personal attention they get from their manicurist in a closed, private environment.

Massage Therapists

Most massage therapists work on their clients in a private, closed environment, which is what makes our studio salon rentals the ideal for massage therapists that want to run their own business without any of the risk, overhead, and cost that comes with purchasing their own salon space.

Makeup Artists

A rising trend in the beauty industry is the art of makeup. Makeup artists and stylists are becoming more and more common. If you are a makeup artist, a studio suite rental can be beneficial for your business. Whether you are performing wedding or prom makeup or just performing makeovers for clients, there is no better space to work in than our studio rental.

As you can see, many beauty professionals can benefit from a studio suite rental. For most beauty and wellness specialists, renting suite space is the best option for those who want to own their own business and maximize their potential earnings.

If you are a beauty professional looking for a studio suite rental, contact to learn about our available spaces.

A Step-by-Step Process to Start Your Own Salon Business

4 Essential Steps to Start Your Own Salon Business Having your own salon business may seem a beneficial prospect but that’s just what it stays: a prospect until you have a definite plan to make it work! Any project is incomplete without there being a…

Having your own salon business may seem a beneficial prospect but that’s just what it stays: a prospect until you have a definite plan to make it work! Any project is incomplete without there being a proper plan for it. You need to have a firm ground to be steadfast. Let’s have a look at some of the essential steps to start your own salon business.

Step 1: Formulate Your Strategy

Before you worry about the logistics, equipment, personnel or even the skill-set, you need to have a proper strategy for your business! The vision for growth is always a plus in this case. You must make an estimation for the expected profits as well the provisional losses of your business. Expecting your business to be hundred percent profit-making is an impractical idea. You need to be aware that despite your best efforts sometimes, there may be losses. Figure out a plan to avoid the expected losses. For instance, your salon may do really good business during the wedding season. However, at other times, when no weddings seem to be happening in your area then there may be cut-backs.

Step 2: Keep Track of Your Money

Before you make money from it, you have to invest money into your business. There is just no way you can start out without a capital. Make sure there is proper check and balance. If you can’t do it yourself, hire an accountant. Maintain your bank statement. All this will give you a clear picture of your earnings from the business.

Step 3: Focus on Training and Professionalism

The staff you hire is in most cases only as good as you are. As an expert beautician, you will have the capacity to handle just about anything. However, your staff may not feel the same way. Equip your staff with training and practice so they can perform at your level. It will help in customer satisfaction which should be a top priority of yours.

Step 4: Stay Up to Standards

A great personal care salon is only popular if it has something outstanding to offer. Your salon has to be up to standards in terms of your equipment, furniture, air conditioning and other similar facilities to accommodate some of the elite clients. In fact, if you treat all your clients as elites then they will start paying up in the same way as well. Make sure your salon doesn’t lack any comfort and its interior design is aesthetically pleasing enough to make your clients’ experience worth-while. To achieve this level of comfort, it is better to have a salon studio rented then setting it up from scratch. It will save your time and money both. Beauty salons are of great value both in terms of their money-making potential and its terms of their stability. Who doesn’t need a little grooming every now and then? Everyone does! You will never run short of clientele once you have firmly planted your feet in this industry. Triple S Studio Salon Suites can prove to be an excellent partner for you! Rent our studios for your start-up salon. The amazing interior of our studios is bound to leave a great impression on your clients. Get in touch with us today!

How to Market Your Salon Business

Marketing Strategies for Your Salon
Setting up a new salon business is never easy. There are many things that you have to take care of.

One of the most important things is a sound marketing strategy for your business. An amazing salon with great services just won’t be successful without being backed up by a good marketing plan. You have to know how to market your business. After all, it is good marketing that brings in great clientele making your business the best in town. Let’s have a look at some of the best marketing strategies for your salon business.

Social Media Is Your New Friend

If you wish to have a successful business then there is no way you can ignore social media marketing. You should have a separate campaign just for online marketing. All the businesses today are online because there simply is no better way to reach the people (potential client’s) in today’s digital age. Create an App to book appointments from clients. Set up a Facebook page. Establish a Twitter account. Go an extra mile and write a blog about your salon. Make sure your business is always available on the internet. Whether your clients need to book appointments, suggestions for personal care or beauty products, maintain your online presence to answer them. Your availability will create loyal clients for you.

Sell On Your Uniqueness

Even among personal care services, there are certain things that only a few can do. It could be anything from a peculiar hairstyle that only your hair dresser can do or a facial that includes your personal herbal products. Identify that extra something that your salon offers and market it to the best of your ability. Get printed on your rate card. Put it on your website. Put it on your social media pages. Put it on your app. Offer discounts on that service and soon it will be popular enough to attract people.

Offer Package Deals

Offer package services to your clients as a value adding feature for your salon. It will compel your existing clients to bring in their friends and family members to your salon. You can even ask your clients to refer new customers to your salon. Offer discounts on services for clients who refer more people to your salon.

Highlight the Best Parts of Your Business

When selecting your salon in the first place, make sure it has beautiful interiors. You can use this beauty to your advantage when marketing your business. Take pictures of the salon and put them on your website and social media to gain all the right kind of attention from your target audience. Your luxurious facilities will pull customers to you. Take your camera and click away! Marketing for your business takes a lot of input but it pays off when you can see huge numbers coming in because of it. If you wish to open your business Triple S get in touch with! Rent our beautifully decorated studios for your salon and start your journey towards running a tremendously successful business.

5 Ways to Be More Professional

The beauty industry is full of qualified individuals with a diverse skill set, but that doesn’t mean that every single person within it is a professional in their supposed area of expertise. What makes a professional stand out from an average worker in the beauty industry? While there are certainly many factors that can influence this perception — both personal and social — this article will give you a few tips to enhance professionalism on all levels, whether for yourself or others.

So what are the ways you can be more professional? Let’s find out. 

  • Dress For Success
  • Speak Assertively
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Be On Time
  • Organize Everything
Dress for success

Have you ever heard the expression: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Well, that holds especially true for those in the beauty business. Whether you’re a nail tech or a cosmetologist, your fashion choices have a direct impact on the opinions and decisions of your client base. 

Determine what kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for, and plan your ensembles accordingly based on those criteria. For instance, if you operate your own hair salon and you’re known for executing daring, vibrant, and bold color palettes, why not dress to represent that? 

Conversely, if you run a minimalist, science-based microdermabrasion clinic, you’ll probably want your outfits to reflect that refined and elegant simplicity. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to wear what you feel most comfortable in, but a little bit of extra effort can go a long way to convincing your patrons that your beauty business is the best of the best.

Speak Assertively

Assertive speech, whether communicating with employees or clients, consists of a combination of respect for the other person and for yourself. It’s worth leading with the fact, though, that “assertive” does not mean “aggressive.” If you don’t make a concerted effort to express your needs, desires, and limitations, no one else will, and that ends badly any way you slice it. 

If a co-worker says something that offends you, it’s okay to tell them, so long as you do it respectfully and with conviction — not with an attitude. It can be difficult to learn to use your voice, but the moment you do, so many doors will open for you that you won’t even know which one to pick.

Network, Network, Network

Networking sounds like a casual buzzword associated with phrases like “synergy” or “hyper-local,” but there is an actual advantage to pursuing professional connections. 

For beauty professionals in particular, who you know in the industry makes a big difference, and if you know them as a colleague or friend, you can bet they’ll pass on their referrals and best clients. What better way to build a business than on the backbone of a genuine, mutually beneficial relationship? 

So go to that aesthetician’s luncheon or that microblader’s happy hour — you never know who you might run into.

Be On Time

Punctuality is not just about being in a given place at a given time; it’s about accomplishing your tasks and responsibilities when you commit to them being done. If you can’t follow through on a deadline or an obligation, it’s better to be honest about it than turn in an unfinished and/or low-quality performance. 

For beauty professionals, especially those operating their own salon, punctuality are key to obtaining respect and preserving your own integrity. If you’re the boss of a business but you can’t meet the requirements of the regular business hours, you better change them before someone goes complaining and starting rumours by the water cooler.

Organize Everything

An organized workplace is an efficient and effective workplace, regardless of what you do. Devise an organizational system that works for you, you’re thinking processes, and your lifestyle (i.e. the amount of time you can commit to file sorting, alphabetization, etc.). 

If you feel flustered by the idea of color-coordinating nail polishes or numerically arranging hair color labels, there’s undoubtedly another system that can work just as well. That’s the beauty of personal organization: it’s meant to suit your personal and professional needs. 

Common methods of organization include: spatial (everything has its place), chronological (by time), topical (by subject and content material), and visual (by color, appearance, or form). 


Professionalism is comprised of a number of skills and abilities that can take a lifetime to fully grasp, but if you work at.