Salon Suite Rentals

Set Yourself Up For Success

With a Salon Suite Rental

At Triple S Studio Salon Suites, we understand what you, as the beauty professional, and your clients need to feel. Our suites are furnished to allow you to pamper your clients and keep them coming back. You’ll appreciate the flexibility and accommodations that allow you to focus on your business and your clients. Let us handle all the little details so you can spend more time pampering your clients.

Our success is due to your success and we support you by ensuring you have everything you need to perform the services you are skilled in. Read on to learn more and contact us to lease your suite today!

 Hair Stylists 

More and more hairstylists are making the move to become independent. Leaving the salon chain lifestyle behind and branching out on your own allows you much more freedom in the services you offer, as well as allows you to make decisions based on who you serve and when. It also allows you to keep all of your profits rather than punching the clock. However, freedom comes at a price. Managing your own business means you have to handle all the details, including scheduling your clients, maintaining a shop, handling the books, and keeping your shop stocked, in addition to servicing your clients.

Waxing Artists

Are you a beauty professional who offers waxing services to your clients, but you don’t care to work in a salon and think it’s unprofessional to ask people to come to your home? We couldn’t agree more, and we have the perfect solution! At Triple S Studio Salon Suites, we provide-furnished, suites for lease. All of our suites are located in highly visible areas and offer security to offer the best to you and your clients.

Nail Technicians

Are you a certified nail technician but you don’t want to work in a nail salon for someone else? Now you don’t have to. You can be an independent nail technician, setting your own prices, making your own schedule, and offering the services you want to the clients you choose. Build your client base by welcoming your guests to a professional studio salon suite leased at Triple S Studio Salon Suites. Our suites are in high visibility areas to attract more clients and we offer enhanced suites that are beautifully to decorated and well ventilated.

Massage Therapists

Massage therapists are in high demand all over. Many massage therapists find themselves working for spas or struggling to find a safe place to offer their services on their own. Leasing a suite at Triple S Studio Salon Suites offers you the private and comfortable space to offer your massage therapy services in a fully-furnished, luxury space. Your clients will love the convenience of our location and you’ll love the extra security measures we provide. Take your practice to the next level when you are able to offer your services on your time.


Medispa treatments have been gaining in popularity over the last few years and show no signs of stopping. Treatments including chemical peels, botox, dermal filler injections, and dermabrasion facials were once only performed in medical clinics. Now, licensed estheticians are able to take their services to their clients, or with the use of our suites, to have the clients come to them for services.

Lash & Brow Artists

Are you a beauty professional who offers lash and brow tinting, microblading, semi-permanent makeup, eyelash extensions, or lash lift? These services are in increasingly high demand and will continue to be a desired service for years to come. These highly technical and semi-invasive procedures are not ones that should be completed in your living room. You need space for all of your supplies and a clean setting full of ideal lighting.

Makeup Artists

Are you a makeup artist who is passionate about making your clients as glamorous as they are beautiful? Don’t reserve yourself to working within the confines of a beauty product counter at a department store or splitting your time and attention between styling hair and makeup in a salon somewhere. Branch out on your own and provide makeup services on your own terms. Provide a clean, comfortable, luxurious place for your clients to come and get pampered while giving yourself the ideal lighting and plenty of space to work when you rent a suite at Triple S Studio Salon Suites location.